Until we meet again…

Sara Dixon

Until we meet again…
Sunday, September 20, 2015

Well it's been a week since we've been back in the States. I decided to take a break the last 10 days from blogging the trip because I was so caught up in it all.  Just like that after 34 remarkable days of traveling the world the adventure has indeed come to a conclusion. 

So let's see where did we leave off last… Ah yes, ROMA! We spent 4 days in Rome after our camping adventure in Sorrento and man did we have fun in Rome! We spent our days walking the streets seeing all the historical sites of course. When we were not roaming around we were probably eating delicious pasta and gelato. We took a tour of Vatican City while we there and we had the best tour guide. She was funny and incredibly knowledgeable of the art and history that surrounded us. I don't even know how to explain Vatican City and everything it represents. Every step I was surround by beauty that has impacted the World in many different ways. It was an incredible experience that will stick with me the rest of my life. Another one of my favorite days in Rome was when we went to The Colosseum and The Roman Forum. I loved walking through this area of Rome and feeling like I was apart of history. It was incredible to see architecture that is thousands of years old and to hear and imagine all of the stories that must live there. This was one of my favorite photography spots too. When we weren't site seeing or eating delicious Italian foods we were off making friends. We met a lot of great people in Rome that made our trip there even more fun!  But after 10 days in beautiful Italia we packed up and headed to our final destination, Barcelona. 

What else to do in Spain than go to the beach? Okay... so of course there was A LOT to do in Barcelona but what did we do with most of our time…. relax on the beach like the beach bums we are. We did hike up to the top of the city one of these day but we worked up a sweat so we went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea to cool down after all of that because I mean how could you not? While in Spain we were lucky enough to get to spend a day with our wonderful friend, Amari, who just happened to be in Europe so naturally we had to meet up! We had the best and most relaxing day with her on the beach where we talked about life and laughed all day! What more could you want? We also made some friends on the beach and ended our sunny day playing ball on the beach with them. I am so happy we got to see Amari! Of course we did lots of walking around in the city so we got to see pretty much all of Barcelona and oh yeah how could I forgot… Tapas!! We ate lost of delicious seafood fresh out of the Mediterranean. On our last day we took a trip out to the gorgeous beach town, Sitges. We had a delicious lunch and then spent the rest of the day swimming & relaxing on the beach. It was the perfect ending to the most remarkable trip. 

Now I just have to say before I left on this trip everyone would say to me "You're going to have the time of your life and its going to change you." I knew that I would have the time of my life but I didn't understand how this trip would change me. Here I am one week since being back in the US reflecting on everything and I can confidently say that you were all right, it did change me. This trip was the most incredible experience I have ever had and I know its only the start to my adventures. In 34 days I spent every day learning new & different ways to capture the moments I experience and the places I explore and how to become a better storyteller. I had so much time to think about life and everything in-between. I know more about myself now and what all I want out of life because of this trip. As sad as I am that this adventures has come to an end I am even more excited for whats to come with my career and future adventures. But the big question now is…. where will my next destination be? 

Lastly thank you to every single person who reached out with suggestions and support, it never went unnoticed and was so appreciated! Many of the suggestions became apart of the experience which made it extra special! To all of our new friends we made along the way thank you for being apart of this adventure and showing us a good time… see you in New York or around the globe! 

Well friends, until the next adventure… Arrivederci!!  

-Shutter Bug